The average Canadian spends about 45.9% of their income on housing, makes about $52,600 per year, and spends roughly $24,000 a year on their home, including taxes, mortgage payments, and utilities.

You spend a large portion of your hard-earned money on your home.  So why let these pesky pests damage it?  Mice, for one, could get into your home. Behind walls, where wires and insulation are exposed, they could chew on the wires, which could lead to a fire.  Not only could they cause major damage to your home, but they could also pose a health risk by transmitting bacteria and viruses on surfaces. 


Carpenter ants can also get in, burrow into the wooden frames or studs of your home, and nest in the cavities they create.  This could lower the durability of your investment’s framework.

Having a highly skilled pest control technician visit your home every season could save you money and heartache. Knowing your home is free from harmful pests will give you peace of mind.

Ecotech Pest Control customizes packages to suit your needs.  From protecting your home from damaging pests to eradicating food-infesting pests, we have you covered.

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