“I take it personally when it comes to businesses that provide us with the necessities.  From restaurants, warehousing, food processing, dwellings, etc. … it is important to keep locations pest-free to prevent contamination.”


Ecotech Pest Control Inc.

Protecting your brand is of utmost importance.  News can spread very quickly by word of mouth given that most phones have cameras nowadays and social media is just a click away.  We take things seriously when it comes to your business, and protecting it is our number one priority.

We all know anything could arise at any time.  Ecotech provides a 24-hour emergency service if it cannot wait until the next business day.  You and your business will be safeguarded from any critical issues that come up.

At Ecotech, we focus on pest prevention.  Since different businesses have special pest control needs, we customize pest programs to fit them.  With warehousing, restaurants, food plants, medical centers, long-term care, daycare, and retail stores, we utilize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach as a key focus for managing pests, not just preventing them.